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erc1111 0619         * New Vestil Fans and Blowers!!
Check out our New Vestil Fans!

Location: vestil   In Stock: 50
erc0001 0819 $20,000.00   * 2007 Freightliner 30' Box Truck
AC, Tilt Steering Wheel, Heated Mirrors, Cruise Control, Loading Ramp, 258090 miles. /NC

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0101 0619 $40.00   * Heavy Duty Wooden Totes with Steel Casters
Approx. Outside Dimensions: 32" Tall, 33" Wide, 24" deep with 6" Casters. /VT

Location: outside   In Stock: 72
eri1111 0619 $1.00   * VESTIL PRODUCTS
To see their inventory go to:

Location: eri   In Stock: 0
erc7646 0619 $140.00   * 4' Pressure Treated Porch Swing. Chains not included.

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc7645 0619 $140.00   * 6' Wooden Picnic Table with Pressure Treated Wooden Legs

Location: eri   In Stock: 2
eri0111 0619 $300.00   * Steel Steps
One Step is 128 inches long. See pictures for details!

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10357 0319 $2,000.00   * Used Raymond 12TM-FRE60L Electric Pallet Jack with Charger
Manufacturer: Raymond, Model Number: 12TM-FRE60L, Serial Number: 112-00-31563, Capacity: 6000, Volt: 24, Price includes battery charger. /JM

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10352 0319 $15,000.00   * 2006 INTERNATIONAL HORIZONTAL BALER NA-1260
Motor Closed Door Baler with 20 hp motor! Feed Opening 50 x 28. We also have the following information - General Arrangement Drawing, Electrical Schematic, Hydraulic Schematic, List of Materials, and 1200 Series Manual. To view this running go to:

Location: ebay   In Stock: 1
erc10356 0319 $4,000.00   * Industrial Trash Compactor
To see a video of this running, go to:

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10318 1018 $2,000.00   * Slipstick Horizontal Differential Conveyor HDC-8M-2.5-L.H.
by Triple/S Dynamics. /YM

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10307 0718 $10,000.00   * Yale Electric Forklift, Good Batteries, Side Shift. Includes Charger
Will pick up 8000 lbs! /tom

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10323 1018 $4,000.00   * W.F. Wells Horizontal Band Saw, 480 volts, 3 phase

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0217 0317 $600.00   * Crathco CS-2E-1D-16 Double 2.4 Gallon Bowl Premix Cold Beverage Dispenser
Two 2.4 gallon clear plastic bowls. Spray function attracts customers with dynamic moving product. Stainless steel base. Easy-off bowl release system provides easy assembly. User-friendly design with 9'' cup clearance. Fewer removable parts simplifies cleaning. 1/10 hp refrigeration system. Overall Dimensions: Width: 10 1/2" Depth: 17" 10/16" Height: 25 5/16'' To view this item, go to:

Location: eri   In Stock: 50
erc10281 0318 $250.00   * Dayton Self Contained Extractor Carpet Cleaner, Model 4NEK6
To see this running, go to: Please call if you have any questions! /LP

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0000 0618 $100.00   * Forklift Tires!!

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0223 0117 $500.00   * Daktronics Basketball Scoreboard BB-1713
Model BB-1713, S/N: 32643, Controller not included. Includes all/only items pictured. We have two of them! $750.00 each. /MI

Location: eri   In Stock: 2
eri10048 0117 $2,000.00   * Hobart QF2 Commercial Reach In Side by Side Freezer on Wheels
Dimensions: 83"H x 33.5"D x 54"W. Volts: 120. Hertz: 60. Single Phase. Amps: 12.9. Watts: 1300. BTU/HR.: 3100. Condensing unit is 3⁄4 H.P. and draws 1170 watts at 11.6 amps.

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0102 0517 $3,000.00   * Dairy Queen Walk In Cooler 12 ft x 12ft

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0005 0718 $6,000.00   * Paint Booth complete with Lighting 12' x 12' Front Door
The inside dimensions on the Paint Booth are 36’ deep, 14’ wide.

Location: erc   In Stock: 1
erc10169 0717 $1,000.00   * New Etirex Heater CXH-A-15-93-32-00-20-EP, 15 KW, 3 ph
Forced Air Heater for Hazardous Locations. Does not have original shipping packaging. Has assembly paper work with it. It still has blue plastic with work order writing on it from factory. /DA

Location: ebay   In Stock: 1
erc0002 0618 $12.00   * Plastic Stackable Bins – Two Sizes Available!!
16 ½” wide, 18” deep, 11” tall are for $12.00 each or 10 Ύ” wide, 18” deep, 10” tall are for $7.00 each. /JL

Location: eri   In Stock: 100
erc0110 1217 $800.00   * 4 ½” Stainless Steel Conveyor. Approx. 10 ft. long.
New in crate. Comes with Stainless Steel Electrical Chase Channel. /YM

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0201 0518 $70,000.00   * New Complete Tugboat Kitchen
All new appliances, all electric, and air conditioned. Approx. 10’ wide and 30’ long. Needs touchup paint and it is ready! Must see to appreciate!

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
eri10050 0217 $700.00   * Loadmaster with Fairbanks Floor Scale Model # UMC1000AAAA, S/N G7392
Was inspected on 1-31-17 by Brechbuhler Scales. Scale has a bad Load Cell. Indicator is reading weight, but will need calibrated when load cell replaced.

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0108 1017 $25.00   * 42" Powered Roller Conveyor.
$25.00 per ft. /NG

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc7610 0416 $15,000.00   * Large Stainless Steel Forberg F500 S Food Mixer - Step Tron Technologies
Size of Door 2 x 4 /YM

Location: /YM   In Stock: 1
eri0105 0717 $2.00   * 8" x 16" Acoustic Concrete Building Blocks.
Have 1500 each. $2.00 each

Location: eri   In Stock: 1500
erc0263 0117 $139.99   *8 QUART VERTICAL RESERVOIR
The 8 Quart Vertical Reservoir is the most popular and widely used tank of all of our products. The reservoir can be used for storage of a variety of different fluids, not just oil. The storage tank has an unbreakable sight tube with scale to read how many quarts of oil are remaining. This high quality tank is powder coated for durability. This size of tank works great in generators, trucks, heavy equipment, oil rigs, and much more. The fluid exits the tank by gravity and must be mounted higher than what it is connected to. The reservoirs are available with or without hardware to assist in connecting it to your application.

Location: /FA   In Stock: 100
erc10023 0816 $10,000.00   115' of 60" Chain Belt Conveyor

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc8522 1214 $8,750.00   500Ton Marley Cooling Tower
500Ton Marley NC Series Cooling Tower, Model NC5031GS, Single Cell, Galvanized Steel Construction, 40HP Three phase, With Starter Combo Box, 1992 Mfg Yr, 18,500.00

Location: /RC Garrett   In Stock: 1
erc7003 1114 $11,250.00   774 Ton BAC Baltimore Air Coil Cooling Tower Model 15385-2, 203680CFM
14400 Shipping Weight, 24ft 5in Long x 11ft 10in Wide x 15ft 7 Tall, Stainless Steel Floor Pans, ZFIWWWZ /JM /TC Item

Location: /JM   In Stock: 1
erc9269 0815 $4,000.00   80" x 20' Steel Tank 5000 gallon

Location: /CT   In Stock: 1
eri7627 0516 $5,000.00   Air Compressor - 0125 - 125hp Ingersoll Rand EP125 Rotary Screw Air Compressor
1984 with 13660 hours. We do not have the door panels. To see this running go to:

Location: ebay   In Stock: 1
erc0752 0816 $80.00   Air Vent Peak Filtervent. We have 3 pieces and each one is 8' long
Peak FilterVent installation on shingle roof. /S

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
eri10332 1018 $6,000.00   American Metal Wash Model 1000. Industrial Parts Washer!
The door is 36" tall, Basket is 39" x 39"

Location: ebay   In Stock: 1
erc9480 0716 $1,250.00   Big Dawg Power Flush & Fluid Changing System BGPR19

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc9337 0416 $2,250.00   Bosch Hydraulic Pump, 10 hp Baldor Motor, 3 ph

Location: YM   In Stock: 1
erb1000 1018 $0.50   Cardboard Cylinders
These Cardboard Cylinders are 1/4" thick. Sizes arrange from 7" to 18" Tall. Prices start at .50 to $4.00 each.

Location: eri   In Stock: 0
erc9484 0916 $3,500.00   Cascade Lift Truck Paper Roll Attachment 22.5" Load Center

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10224 1017 $800.00   Clausing 16VT-1 Drill Press Floor Model
1.5 hp, 12" x 18" Table. /NG

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
eri9001 0514         Gears, Sprockets, Chains, and Pulleys

Location: ERI   In Stock: 1
erc0109 1017 $3,000.00   Hoffman A74H6012SSLP Enclosure Stainless Steel
Hoffman Stainless Encl., SS Type 304. Size: 60" High, 60" Wide, 12" Deep. /YM

Location: YM   In Stock: 1
erc0111 1217 $5,500.00   ITE Gould XL-Universal Bus Duct U308AVPG with Bus Plugs and Tap Box
ITE Gould XL-Universal Bus Duct U308AVPG, 800 amp, 3 Wire. 3 pieces at 10’ each. 1 each – UV364G (200 amp, 3 wire), 2 each – UV362G (60 amp, 3 wire),1 each – UV462 (60 amp, 4 wire)and Tap Box. See pictures for complete listing. /ST

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
eri7496 0215 $10.00   Industrial Export Plastic Shipping Skids Pallets
Nestable, 4-Way Entry, 32lbs weight, 44” x 44” x 5.25” tall Price Discounts for Larger Orders /YD Item, 10.00 each

Location: /YD   Weight: 32 lbs.   In Stock: 0
erc10335 1218 $400.00   Kemper System 7000 Fume Extractor

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10215 1017 $1,800.00   LANGLEY EH102 1000LB PowRlift Pallet Work
ATV Cycle Lift 48x48 Platform, 3 ph, 460 volt. /LC

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10263 0218 $1,500.00   Miller CP-302 & 22A Feeder MIG Welder

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10264 0118 $900.00   Miller Deltaweld Mig Welder 451, with 24V Wire Feeder, 3 Phase

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc9265 0416 $625,000.00   Munters Oxidizer System Model # IZS-3546-CT
Rail siding available for loading out.

Location: /CT   In Stock: 1
eri7501 0612         Nuts Bolts and Fasteners

Location: ERI   In Stock: 0
eri7645 0716 $1.00   Old Chicago Thin Bricks - ½” Thick – Repurposed from Penn Central Railroad Station
Excellent for interior or exterior applications, Traditional masonry that can be installed where full brick can’t. Bricks are cut here at Equipment Resale. We can also cut your bricks!!

Location: eri   In Stock: 500
erc0206 1016 $250.00   Omnilube 32/46 Food Grade Compressor Lubricant
Provides significantly improved wear - oxidation and lubricity for rotary screw compressors in the food processing industry. We have 2 containers that are 5 gallons each. /DS

Location: eri   In Stock: 2
erc10216 1017 $3,000.00   Performance Feeders Conveyor Hopper

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc7537 0815 $1.00   Press Brake Dies & Shear Blades - Assorted Sizes
$1.00 per pound /VT

Location: ERI   In Stock: 1
erc0112 1217 $3,500.00   Sahara Electric Hot Box Model 9E8
Will heat 8 Drums (55 gal.) or 2 totes. Temperature Range: Room temperature to 300 degrees. We have a total of 6 units. /EN

  In Stock: 6
erc9266 0416 $200.00   Sharp AR-336 Printer
The Sharp AR-336 IMAGER is a digital copier and optional network scanner. The high-speed output is rated at 33 cpm (letter), 21 cpm (legal), and 17 cpm (ledger). The Sharp AR-336 IMAGER has a monthly duty cycle of 50,000 impressions that will keep up with increased work volumes. The 4.3GB Hard Drive will keep projects in control and process even complex reports effortlessly. With the exceptional paper handling capabilities on the Sharp AR-336 IMAGER reports are easily processed without having to change or reload paper. Start with the standard paper capacity of 1,050 sheets delivered from the dual 500 sheet paper drawer and 50 sheet bypass tray. When your office grows optional paper drawers and large capacity trays can be added. The AR-336 IMAGER has the ability to add two- and three-tray finishers to complete more projects in-house. /JX

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10334 1218 $300.00   Smokeeter Smoke Eater Air Cleaner Model DC-SABIS-WM

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10333 1218 $500.00   Smokeeter Smoke Eater Air Cleaner Model DKH-EEG
2200 cfm We have three of these. /JM

Location: ebay   In Stock: 2
erc7608 0416 $3,250.00   Stainless Augers, 15” x 20’. Have Two!

Location: /YM   In Stock: 2
erc9504 0516 $600.00   Sunnen Honing Machine, Model MA, 1 ph, 115 vac

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc0751 0816 $2,500.00   Trade Show Exhibition Booth with Packaging in wood crates! Icon Exhibits!
/KS #347

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc9524 1016 $7,500.00   Vertical Fiberglass Tank - Approx. 8' x 20'
Holds approx. 7500 gallons. /SA

Location: ebay   In Stock: 1
erc9503 0516 $400.00   Walnut Hull Media Container 269 lbs.
Walnut media cleans brass well! Clean, attractive brass should be the goal of every reloader! For use when tumbling brass. Cleans unwanted grit and grime from brass. Tumbling with brass cleaning media helps lengthen the life of your brass. Clean, attractive brass should be the goal of every reloader /GK

Location: eri   In Stock: 1
erc10214 1017 $4,000.00   Yard Truck, 20 ft Bed, Runs great!

Location: eri   In Stock: 1

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